Michael Corra "The Lovers" Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 2022

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Michael Corra is a Chicago-born painter and sculptor known for exploring the relationship between physicality and visual expression. With exhibitions showcased in South Korea and the United States, Corra's work embodies a captivating blend of experimentalism and refined craftsmanship.

Driven by a deep curiosity for the interplay between space and objects, Corra's paintings exude an intriguing allure characterized by bold design choices, vibrant color palettes, and a tactile richness that draws viewers into immersive experiences. His distinctive style challenges conventional norms, inviting audiences to engage with the artwork on a sensory level.

In his latest series, Corra delves into the enigmatic realm between the present moment and transcendence, employing deliberate artistic techniques to blur the boundaries of reality. This collection is a contemplative journey, prompting viewers to reflect on the fluid nature of perception and existence. 

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Details: "The Lovers" Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

Canvas Size: 13.77 x 14.56 in (35 x 27 cm)

Signed by Artist

Excellent condition